Jet Ski World Record for Children's
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Jet Ski World Record for Children's

Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you. I´m Risto Piispa from Finland and I´m planning to set a new world record for jet skiing from Finland to Southern Spain in July this year – my mission is to raise 100,000 Euro for the new Children´s Hospital 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. Already, sponsors are donating to build an up-to-date facility with enough space to admit the many children who are waiting for treatment because the old hospital simply does not have the room to meet their needs. The motivation to achieve this goal was generated by a life changing experience I had in 2008, when I was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of brain tumour. Chordoma affects only one person per million per year and there is no treatment available. An operation to remove the tumour was too risky to consider and there was no guarantee that it would be eliminated. I was 28 years old and the specialists estimated that I might live another seven years. Suddenly I was forced to think about what was really important to me and I realised that there was no time to waste in realising my dreams. So I focused on surviving and my priority was to leave my family provided for. I immersed myself in continual work, built a house and burned myself out. Then, after continual testing, results showed that the tumour had not grown for three years and there was doubt about the original diagnosis. The professional opinion was that I had a long life ahead of me. Now in 2014, I´m still alive and kicking and my dream to join other donors in raising money for the new hospital is possible. My lifelong interest in motor sports, snow mobiling, motocross and jet skiing has offered me the perfect project. All my sporting experience and my beloved jet ski are enabling me to help. I am riding the route for the children whose lives are being compromised right now, by the inadequate space at the old hospital - and as I travel through the different countries and waters on my way through Europe to Marbella, I hope that my story will inspire others never to give up. I will travel on my jet ski for about 4,000 km through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and France and will end up in Marbella, Spain. For around eight hours a day I´ll be riding along rivers, canals and on the sea documenting my journey on video. A Finnish T.V. company has expressed interest in recording my adventures and my support team will follow me for about two weeks in a Camper van with fuel, repair equipment and a bed for sleep-stops. Donors will be given pride of place on the project´s Facebook page which will include live up-dates, videos of the ride, interviews, maps and footage of the different legs of the journey. We hope to attract a wide audience on Facebook and all donations will be on-line via a direct link to the Hospital Fund official web-site. We are also planning promotional events to generate interest in the project and to offer related products to sell to the participating public to boost donations. I would like to thank you for reading this and for any support you might offer. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more information. We would be very happy to welcome you aboard for our trip to the Children´s Hospital 2017, Helsinki. I am planning to continue to raise money on my jet ski and to break any records I may set long into the future – my dream is just beginning. With your help, support and participation we can make a positive difference in the time we have. Everyone counts!!!!!!!

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Target: 100,000 €
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Jet Ski World Record for Children's
Risto Piispa
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